Quest by A.J. Ponder

Title Quest
Author AJ Ponder
Format Softcover
ISBN 978-0-473-45107-3
Publication Date 09/2018

A.J. Ponder’s latest book, Quest is a quirky and original celebration of fantasy in the tradition of The Princess Bride, Terry Pratchett and more.

Sylvalla escapes Avondale castle, and the life of a princess, in search of the adventure she’s always wanted.

Once found, adventure bites back.

Fortunately Sylvalla is not alone – Unfortunately, her new-found companions are less than heroic. Jonathan would rather make money. Dirk would rather live a long and happy life. And at 150, Old Capro would rather stop gallivanting about and harangue unsuspecting wizard students about his glory days over a nice cup of tea.

Quest has everything, heroes, monsters, chases, escapes and a complete lack of true love.

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Quest Booklaunch EventQuest was launched at PHOTONFLUX in Wellington 3pm Saturday the 22nd of September, a celebration of fantasy with swordfighting and a quiz