Young NZ Writers’ 2019 Youth Laureate Award winners

Judged from nearly forty entries by students of all ages, Emma Uren’s pre-teen fantasy adventure, It’s a Small World was the winner of the NZ Youth Laureate Award. Xiaole Zhan’s The Extinct, a tale of magical realism told in free prose, was awarded editor’s choice.

It's-a-Small-World_Cover-frontEmmawebIt’s a Small World by Emma Uren  (Auckland’s Diocesan School for Girls)

What if the universe is somebody’s science experiment? Somebody with a strange sense of humour.
And a deadline.
Allen’s latest school project is a little bit different. After all, it isn’t every day you get to build a universe! But as usual, things don’t go quite to plan. It may be harder to get that A-minus than he thinks…
Sophie is an orphan struggling to survive in the alleyways and back streets of the city. She’s totally unimportant in the scale of the universe, or so she thinks, until one day she stows away on a ship and is swept away on an unforgettable adventure. The fate of worlds is in the balance…

“Well-crafted and engaging…an adventure readers of all ages will enjoy.”
—Lee Murray

The Extinct by Xiaole Zhan (Westlake Girls High School) Suitable for young adult readers.

The Extinct Front Covermarbleaward3.jpgThis was all a long time ago, back when you had just discovered the stupidity of days, and days, and days. There was the brittle-boned home at the very end of the dead-end street, a room of nostrilled violins, and Tasmanian tiger sleeping beneath the tree outside your window. You think you remember an old stone hall, a rib-caged ceiling, and a terror which filled the cold holes of your bones. You can’t remember for sure. This was all a very long time ago.
Told in a series of moving retellings over time, The Extinct examines what it means to remember and what it means to forget in the ‘stupidity of days’ forever destined to become yesterdays.

“An absolutely beautiful debut, etched with a compelling narrative and layered with poetic spells.”

— Emma Shi, award-winning poet and author of Elsewhere

A limited print run of these volumes will be available at GeyserCon on May 31st 2019. Orders within NZ can be made through the Phantom Feather Press Google Form.
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