Dragon Tales by Eileen Mueller

Dragon Tales

E-book, available on Amazon. Children’s fantasy short story collection. 8yrs +

Whether you’re looking for a nip, a nibble, or a chomp-sized story, wing your way to an adventure with Dragon Tales.

Dragon Tales cover Image
Dragon Tales, a children’s collection

Math Dragon – When Sean discovers a math dragon in his desk, his troubles multiply.

Wingspan – Shorty has failed before, but this time she must graduate or face life in the salt mines.

Fluffy’s Triumph – When salt pirates attack, Fluffy’s secret weapon saves the day.

Suds and Scales – A muddy football player meets a mischievous dragon in the bathroom. What could possibly go right?

Dad’s Wisdom – A ravenous dragon demands to be fed and Dad’s advice only makes things worse.

Golden Days – A magical book offers two sick friends adventures – with a dragon.

Rumbled – The gift under the Christmas tree is growling. Two brothers want it, but only one will get it.

Available on Amazon.