Frankie, Miss Lionheart and the science party

LillyzEvilPlanWe all had such a lot of fun at the launch, Lilly was enjoying a well-earned break from a top secret project, but we could tell she was planning more mayhem! The Klutz Circuit Clay was a real hit. All the young inventors who turned up made amazing robots – and then, after they’d finished, Frankie got busy making a dragon. There were brain cupcakes, and activities galore. Frankie’s Monster Wordsearch and FrankieFilesFrontCoverclues are available in The Frankie Files book, get your copy now.



Frankie busy inventing



Isaac and Robot













FrankieFilesFrontCoverThank you to everyone who turned up to the launch, it was great seeing so many of you having a lovely time. And we love hearing back about how much you and your young inventors are enjoying the book. So if you haven’t, pick up your copy today-

Kia kaha
Amelia Sirvid, and the team at Phantom Feather Press    


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2 Responses to Frankie, Miss Lionheart and the science party

  1. Love, love, love this and wish I was there!! 😀 ❤

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