Dragons Realm – no 3 on Amazon

Dragons Realm hits #3 on Amazon

Kid’s Bestseller List

We don’t usually mention books from other publishers, but we do make an exception when those books are from one of our editors! The Fairytale Factory has just released Dragons Realm, by Eileen Mueller, in their You Say Which Way interactive fiction series for kids, where YOU say which way the story goes.

There’s a special introductory price of 99c for this e-book, but only for the next day or two, so get in quick!

Escape the school bullies and stumble into Dragons Realm – a world of dragons, magic  and adventure. Have fun saying which way the story goes. Watch out for strange creatures lurking in Spanglewood Forest. And don’t let go of your picnic lunch! It may come in handy!

Dragons Realm by Eileen Mueller

Dragons Realm, a You Say Which Way adventure by Eileen Mueller


Just a few hours after its release, Dragons Realm hit #3 on Amazon’s bestseller list for children’s interactive adventure stories.

Dragons Realm Eileen Mueller hits no 3 Amazon

Dragons Realm No 3 in Amazon Children’s Interactive Adventure books

And now the reviews are rolling in:

“…This full grown adult certainly enjoyed travelling through ‘world gates’ and meeting the varied people and dragons on the other side. I liked that the book also had a strong anti bullying theme, with bullies being “turned” into friends by a variety of different ploys.”

“Good times. I read this to my 7 year old son tonight and he loved it. He was jumping around the room in excitement and took all the choices very seriously indeed…”

“My choices had me stepping through a shimmering world-gate to an adventure involving flying pigs, a work-out under a strongwood tree, and a hair-raising topple from a dragon’s back, but your story could be completely different…”

“Whatever path through Dragons Realm you choose, you’re in for a rollicking fun-filled adventure. With dragons”

You can purchase Dragons Realm on Amazon, but be quick, the price won’t stay this low for long.



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