SJV awards – time to nominate your favourite stories – and collections!

Sir-Julius-Vogel-Award-006The Sir Julius Vogel Awards (SJV’s) celebrate the best of New Zealand science fiction and fantasy. If you loved The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales, why not nominate it for a Sir Julius Vogel Award? But be quick, nominations close at 8pm on Saturday 31 January. To nominate individual stories or the cover art, see below, but here is how you nominate the entire collection.

Dear SJV committee (  )

I would like to nominate the following work in the Collected Works category, please.

  1. Title: The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales,
  2. Edited by Peter Friend, Eileen Mueller and A.J. Ponder, Phantom Feather Press
  3. Short Story Collection for children
  4.  Released: November 2014
  5. Category: Professional
  6. Genre: Speculative fantasy & science fiction

Yes, you can also nominate individual short stories (and even films and novels) so long as they have a speculative fiction element and are by NZ authors. If you’re not sure, message us, and we’ll be happy to help. Below are the short stories from The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales, that can be nominated if you choose. Just email (  ), mention the short story name and author and anthology title and publisher.

Twisty Christmas Art by Geoff Popham can also be nominated in the SJV category “Artwork.”

  • Jack in the Box                                                  by Dan Rabarts
  • Christmas in the Magician’s House              by D.M. Potter                                   
  • Bells                                                                    by Lee Murray                                    
  • Santa’s Sack                                                      by Simon Fogarty                              
  • Building the Tree                                             by Tim Jones    
  • Candy Cane                                                       by Charlotte Kieft                             
  • New Neighbours                                               by Anne Wilkins                               
  • Christmas Monster                                          by William Cook                               
  • Santa’s Little Helpers                                     by Jeena Murphy                               
  • Christmas Jack                                                by Michelle Child                             
  • A Snowy Kiwi Christmas                              by Robyn P Murray                         
  • Cole’s Christmas Spirit                                 by Shelley Chappell                         
  • Albert and the Christmas Fairy                 by Darian Smith                              
  • The Present of Christmas Past                   by Debbie Cowens                            

Have fun nominating, and remember nominations close at 8pm Saturday, 31 January.

For more information about the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, you can see the guidelines, here.


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