Free Wizard’s Guide and Twisty Christmas ebooks

Watch out! This Christmas WizardThursday and Friday this  18th & 19th December (Pacific Standard Time) 2014 Phantom Feather Press is making The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales and Wizard’s Guide to Wellington free on Amazon.

Tell all your friends so they too can enjoy these two great books for free! What a great Christmas present.

Wizard’s Guide to WellingtonDanger

Explore the magic of Wellington – even if they are thousands of miles away!

Will Alec and Perrin save Wellington from very dangerous wizard’s who wish to wake a taniwha the size of a mountain?

Will Alec’s dad escape alive, and will Wellington ever be the same? Well, no, obviously Wellington will never be the same…it will be magic!

To find out more follow the link to enjoy the adventure – before your whole world is turned upside down.

The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales

31 short stories by 27 authors…and such great authors, we love them all – this is a chance to enjoy some great family friendly Christmas stories, and the last chance to obtain a free reading copy of The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales before Christmas,

We love the feedback we’ve been given so much… “This delightful collection will certainly awaken the child within and spark your Christmas spirit“…”A truly magical and zany collection”…”Great bunch of stories that the kids will love”…”The seven year old asked me to read ‘I Don’t like Christmas’ during the lunch break and I had five seven year olds following every word, laughing and repeating hilarious bits along with me (their teacher had read it to the class earlier that day). Fun.”


Merry Christmas from the team at Phantom Feather Press

Phantom Feather PressCalendar-Map

P.S. If you enjoy our books, our best Christmas present is a review.

About Phantom Feather Press

Magic every time you turn the page.
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