Congratulations to our authors for winning the Northwrite 2013 Collaboration Contest

Phantom Feather Press is excited to announce that two of our authors Alicia Ponder and Eileen Mueller won first equal in the NorthWrite 2013 Collaboration contest along with Ahi Kā and tying with Alistair Tulett and Jac Jenkins’ … for a coffee?/Cups

Ahi Kā is a story designed more for adults and teens than younger readers. A pair of teenagers running from their personal demons through the New Zealand bush, the story grows to encompass Māori mythology, mental illness, a little kiwi history.  Even Shakespearean influences and paranormal creatures inhabit this frenzied short story, and the line between reality and fantasy is thin as Ahi and Manaaki desperately try to outrun demons.

To read this story for free, and read the judges comments, go to ‘NorthWrite 2013 Collaboration – Judges Comments and Winning Entries post.’


From the team at Phantom Feather Press

Note: These translations may help. Manaaki = hospitality, support; Ahi = fire; Ahi Kā = to keep the home fires burning; burning fires of occupation; gain a title to land through long-term occupation; hold influence over land and defend successfully against challenges, thereby keeping their fires burning.  (Source Māori Dictionary online)

To understand our references to New Zealand mythology, see the Māori legend about how Maui bought fire to the world.

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