It’s been a real fantasy adventure for us – now it’s your turn!

We had a blast at the launch of A.J. Ponder’s latest book Quest The sword fighters Tara Macintyre and Ethan Bloor-Wilson from The Company of the Dragons were amazing, and there were lots of kids enjoying running around with foam swords.

We hope to do it again soon at Eileen’s Launch of Ezaara – so if you live in Wellington keep your eyes peeled for archery, swords and more!

In the meantime we hope you enjoy Quest

“Sylvalla escapes Avondale castle, and the life of a princess, in search of the adventure she’s always wanted.

Once found, adventure bites back… “

Click on the free preview and find out just how dangerous Sylvalla’s Quest is going to be.

Let your next few days be an adventure,
Eli Sirvid, and the team at Phantom Feather Press

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Celebrating the launch of Quest with Swordfighting, Cosplay and more…

We want you to be part of the fun as we celebrate the launch of Quest at PHOTONFLUX 176 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington.

It’s going to be magic. Join in the fun with our celebration of fantasy in literature and film with Sword and Sorcery Cosplay, Swordfighting, a Quiz, and our latest book Quest, by Wizard’s Guide to Wellington author, A.J. Ponder.

A Swordfighting demonstration with Tara Macintyre from the Company of the Dragons!
A Cosplay Competition run by local cosplayer Eli Sirvid: with prizes for the best dressed heroes, heroines and monsters!
And a Fantasy Quiz for all ages.
If you can, sign up to the Facebook event here. It’s going to be epic fun, see you there!


A.J. Ponder is best known as the author of Wizard’s Guide to Wellington – “Wizards and a taniwha running wild in Wellington – who would have thought it. Perrin’s adventures in the capital city are fun to follow and full of surprises. My (unpointy) hat is off to Alicia Ponder. Now where’s my broom…” Fiona Kidman

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New Book: Attack of the Giant Bugs

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest book, a You Choose Adventure. With over 24 endings and a glossary of the insects you meet during the adventure at the back – It’s a great story at a tiny price.  Buy now to support a young inquisitive mind, and two amazing authors, including Sir Julius Vogel award winning A.J. Ponder and young, up and coming author and Wellington cosplayer, Eli Ponder.

YOU are Greenville’s only hope. You choose which path you take. You can fail your mission or succeed your wildest expectations. But beware, within these pages lies great danger – giant bugs, ants, ladybirds, praying mantises and more. You might come to a grizzly end, or be transformed but whatever happens a real hero keeps fighting, even after they fail.
Are you ready?
Warning: this story contains a mix of real and fictional science. One of the authors has a Bsc Hons and is married to an entomologist who specialises in spiders.

The team at Phantom Feather Press

phantom logo

Amelia Sirvid, Eileen Mueller & A.J. Ponder


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Free Ebook! Win a Paperback!

Dragon Tales cover Image

Dragon Tales, a children’s collection

Free Ebook!

Dragon Tales is available as a free Ebook on Amazon until the end of 27 August 2017, USA time (time zones permitting!)

Win a Paperback too!

Everyone who posts an honest review on Amazon before 15 September 2017, and emails Eileen Mueller a link to their review, goes in the draw to win a paperback copy of Dragon Tales.

Email Eileen via her contact page on her website, and provide a link to your Amazon review. If you win, She’ll contact you for your postal address, and send you the book. The winner will be announced on her website, and notified by email.

So download your book here now, get reading, and email Eileen a link to your review!

Have an Adventure with Dragon Tales!

Whether you’re looking for a nip, a nibble, or a chomp-sized story, wing your way to an adventure with Dragon Tales.

Find a dragon in your desk, your toilet, under your bed or gift-wrapped under the Christmas tree. Meet a dirty dragon, one with short wings and another that is so fluffy, she’s always laughed at. And travel with two sick friends by dragonback for fun and adventure.

“A big hit for dragon fans.”

Download your FREE copy here.

Enjoy reading Dragon Tales, have fun writing your review, and GOOD LUCK for winning the paperback!

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Frankie, Miss Lionheart and the science party

LillyzEvilPlanWe all had such a lot of fun at the launch, Lilly was enjoying a well-earned break from a top secret project, but we could tell she was planning more mayhem! The Klutz Circuit Clay was a real hit. All the young inventors who turned up made amazing robots – and then, after they’d finished, Frankie got busy making a dragon. There were brain cupcakes, and activities galore. Frankie’s Monster Wordsearch and FrankieFilesFrontCoverclues are available in The Frankie Files book, get your copy now.



Frankie busy inventing



Isaac and Robot













FrankieFilesFrontCoverThank you to everyone who turned up to the launch, it was great seeing so many of you having a lovely time. And we love hearing back about how much you and your young inventors are enjoying the book. So if you haven’t, pick up your copy today-

Kia kaha
Amelia Sirvid, and the team at Phantom Feather Press    


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Miss Lionheart and Frankie are launching their books with a Mad Science party

Source: Miss Lionheart and Frankie are launching their books with a Mad Science party

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Wellington PechaKucha Presentation @ Old St Paul’s 15 Oct 2016

One of our Twisty authors iscalendarwgbuilding part of this PechaKucha presentation.

To find out more, go to A.J’s website , the PechaKucha facebook site or Eventfinder

See you there!

The team at Phantom Feather Press


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