Miss Lionheart and Frankie are launching their books with a Mad Science party

Source: Miss Lionheart and Frankie are launching their books with a Mad Science party

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Wellington PechaKucha Presentation @ Old St Paul’s 15 Oct 2016

One of our Twisty authors iscalendarwgbuilding part of this PechaKucha presentation.

To find out more, go to A.J’s website , the PechaKucha facebook site or Eventfinder

See you there!

The team at Phantom Feather Press


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Mystic Portal

Dare to ride the Mystic Portal!

Mystic Portal You Say Which Way

No ordinary bike trail…

Mystic Portal is no ordinary bike trail. Weird things happen there. They say each new jump leads to another world. You and your friends can’t wait to try it!

The choices you make will determine your adventure. Will you ride  a camel? Fight bandits? Meet Bog the ogre? Or end up in an underwater city? What ever you choose, watch out for mad genies, suspicious merchants and one-eyed creatures with orange fur.

Cool adventures are waiting , so jump on your bike and ride the Mystic Portal.

The Fairytale Factory bring you Mystic Portal on Amazon, part of their You Say Which Way Series of interactive fiction for children aged 8-13 years.

Dragons Realm, a You Say Which Way adventure by Eileen Mueller, won the 2016 Sir Julius Vogel award for Best Youth Novel. In You Say Which Way adventures, your choices shape the outcome of your story.

Available in e-book and paperback.

Pick a Path style kids story

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Winners – Clawsome Dragon Limericks

Clawsome Dragon Limericks Winners

We received a hoard of dragon limericks from all around the world. The verses made us roar and laugh, and on occasion, breathe fire. It was a tough decision because so many of the limericks were clawsome! Thank you to all contestants for your fangtastic effort!

Although we had to select winners, we want everyone to know that you’re all winners for entering, because you all created new limericks! Unfortunately the volume of entries hasn’t made it possible to provide feedback to everyone, as we’d hoped, however we will provide feedback to all children who entered, in due course.

Is your name in the e-book?

Our winners ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd places) will soon receive a voucher for the e-book Clawsome Dragon Limericks. All winners, honorable mentions and finalists have their limericks in the e-book and their names in the table of contentsDragon Limerick contest.

Winners: Clawsome Dragon Limericks Contest – Children’s Category

  • First Place: Mia, 8yrs, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Second Place: Katie, 12 yrs, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Third Place: Jervayz, 12 yrs, Hamilton, New Zealand

Winners: Clawsome Dragon Limericks Contest – Adult & Teens Category

  • First Place: Chris Makowski, Texas, USA
  • Second Place: Sarah Garriott, USA
  • Third Equal: A.C. Lindsay, New Zealand & Kerrie Spicer, New Zealand

Honorable Mentions:

  • Jane Percival, New Zealand, Best Illustrated Limerick
  • Lyn McConchie, New Zealand, Clever Use of Historical Language
  • Jack Newhouse, New Zealand, Best Limerick with a Scottish Accent
  • John Irvine, New Zealand, Brilliantly Yuck!
  • Gloria Hanlon, USA, Inspiring Limericks


  • Christopher Drown, Australia
  • Gareth Barsby, United Kingdom
  • Katharina Gerlach, Germany
  • Chris Makowski, Texas, USA
  • Charles Hoge, New York, USA
  • Mahoney Adair, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Sarah Garriott, USA
  • Dr Bob Turvey, UK
  • John Irvine, New Zealand
  • Andrew Mackrory, Ohio, USA
  • Vincent Van Gouache, New Zealand

Feel free to share this link to Clawsome Dragon Limericks with your family and friends, any grumpy old knights, dragons with a  sense of humor, and princesses who may enjoy dragon limericks or a roarsome laugh!  Have fun reading these limericks! We’d love a review on Amazon!

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Dragon Limerick Contest

Great at Limericks? Be Published!

with Clawsome Dragon Limericks

Dragon Limerick contest

In our next book, Clawsome Dragon Limericks, Phantom Feather Press are giving readers a chance to have their own limericks published. Create an original dragon limerick and be in to win a spot in the e-book and a copy for your kindle or e-reading device. Entries close 30 July 2016. Enter using the submission form at Eileen Mueller’s site here.

Finalists: Feedback on your entry, publication of your name and limerick in Clawsome Dragon Limericks & 1 Amazon Kindle voucher for the Clawsome Dragon Limericks e-book.
Shortlisted entries: Feedback on your entry, publication of your name and limerick in Clawsome Dragon Limericks.

Judges: Blair Polly, editor, The Fairytale Factory & Eileen Mueller, editor, Phantom Feather Press.
Entries will be judged in three categories:
1) Children 12 yrs & under
2) Teens 13-15 yrs
3) Adult 16 yrs & over.

Enter using the submission form at Eileen Mueller’s site here.


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SJV Awards deadline 28 Feb 8pm 2016

Do you have a favourite New Zealand speculative fiction author, film director, artist…(Speculative fiction includes science fiction, fantasy and horror)

Did they publish or create something you really like? Then why not make their day and nominate them for a Sir Julius Vogel Award. email sjv_awards@sffanz.org.nz.with  SJV nomination in the subject line.

  1. Name / Title of work
  2. Name of Producer / Author / Creator
  3. TYPE OF WORK i.e. Novel, TV, Movie, Short Story, Web, Collection, Comic, Art
  4. 2015
  5. Professional awards
  6. GENRE – science fiction, fantasy or horror

List of eligible Phantom Feather Press Authors who published in 2015…

William Cook
Peter Friend (Deadline Delivery)
Jan Goldie (Brave’s Journey)
David Hill.
Eileen Mueller (Dragon’s Realm)
Robyn P Murray
Lee Murray (The Thief’s Tale – for adults – supports Sanctuary Foundation Australia)
A.J. Ponder (Miss Lionheart)
DM  Potter (4 You Say Which Way Adventures),

But movies, television, art and other works are eligible too…
To find out more go to http://dev.sffanz.sf.org.nz/sjv/sjvAwards.shtml

Good luck to all our authors and readers, we wish you all the best for 2016!

A.J. Ponder
on behalf of the team at Phantom Feather Press



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The triple threat – 99c for a limited time

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on Miss Lilly Lionheart:
Once Bitten, Twice Poisoned and Thrice Shy have all come together in one book – and now until the 27th of January it’s the teeny, tiny price of only 99c – so don’t delay,…

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